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Oceanic drive boxed…and a lot more..Update: an Aldi

07/04/2018 At least a lucky start for the weekend. The boxed C64 is an American made Aldi! Yes, a bit yellowed, but working. The Oceanic drive is working and the box is in good condition. The C64c is working as … Continue reading

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SFX Sound Expander & Set

27/02/2018 This one was still open for auction. Highest offer was 150, seller asked 200. I send him an e-mail a few weeks back to ask if he was willing to sell the Commodore Sound Expander separately, with no success.  … Continue reading

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Commodore 64 Aldi

17/02/2018 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2094526374113781&id=1863562420543512 Found the Aldi…added to the collection of the homecomputermuseum.   05/02/2018 One was offered last week on Marktplaats, in combination with a VIC-20 and, as it seems, a quit rare Commodore VC-1020. I offered 125 alone for the … Continue reading

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