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I do have a list of items i would love to add to my own collection, only Commodore 64 related. I keep my collection to one item from each, so trading is mostly difficult. And I do  tend to sell duplicate items as quickly as possible, first to end discussions on the space needed for storage at home 🙂 and second to keep at least the hobby a little bit affordable! Upon getting an existing item, in better shape or boxed, will results in selling the other one!

This means that i have to pay up for constantly extending my collection and I will pay a fair amount for items I am looking for, probably not the ridiculous pricing as you can find on Ebay. If you do want the highest price and are just in it for the money, skip me and please go over there! This is still a fun hobby, and I will keep it that way.

I do prefer items boxed, complete and working. Not interested in anything which was not actually on the (European) market in those years. I have absolutely zero interest in items like the Max, Drean or Australian Commodore 64 versions, not in the Gold one or the 65…besides some of them will cost a small fortune.

Must it be mint? Nah. Good working (clean) state is perfect for something that is 30 years old. Seals? Nah. Original bill of sale, Nah. Previous been repaired, well let’s discuss that one..for some items you probably don’t have a choice. Sometimes you just have to accept repairs for electronic items of this age. And if they are done by someone who has some mad repair skills….it is acceptable 😉

If you can help me on these specific items, out please contact me, and let’s discuss pricing and shipping!


  • Commodore 64C, late edition (with clips, no screws), mint, sealed with box
  • Commodore 64C, late edition, as previous one but with the logo embossed in the casing (engraved logo)en
  • Commodore 64, silver with Assy 326298, working, complete and original
  • Commodore 64 GS (Game System, boxed, complete)
  • Commodore 4064/Educator64
  • Web-it (ughe)


  • Book and original disk of the Commodore SX-64
  • Inside Commodore DOS (book by Richard Immers & Gerald G. Neufeld)
  • Commodore 64 Programmer’s Reference guide first edition, first print


  • Final Cartridge II (boxed)
  • Final Cartridge clones
  • Any non-game  cartridges (looking for boxed Epyx Fastload, Nordic, Action replay etc)
  • Final Chesscard (boxed, tasc)


  • Commodore 1084
  • Commodore 1701
  • Commodore 1802

Preferable with box.


  • Cassette/tape of the Trojan Cad-master light pen
  • SFX Sound Sampler
  • KCS eprommer


  • Original boulder dash games (I,II, construction kit, both disk and tape)
  • The Goonies
  • Fantasy/RPG games
  • SSI/Level 9 Computing/

Disk drives:

Have quit some drives in the collection, in good condition,  but not all boxed:

  • 1570 boxed
  • 1571 boxed
  • 1581 boxed
  • SFD-100 (with or without box)
  • VC-1541 boxed
  • VIC-1541 boxed

Special boxed sets:

read more

  • Action Box / Power Play II
  • Batman Pack
  • Complete Music Pack Edition
  • Computer Compendium
  • Computer Compendium (Boots edition)
  • Future Games 64
  • Hollywood
  • Light Fantastic
  • Micro Holiday
  • Mindbenders – Night Moves
  • New Familly Pack
  • Olympic Challenge
  • Playful Intelligence
  • Power Games
  • Power Play
  • Power Play Super System Edition
  • Terminator 2 Edition (German)
  • Terminator 2 Edition Music Maker (English)
  • TV Quiz Pack Edition
  • World Cup Football Edition (German)
  • World Cup Football Edition (English)

Cat & Korsh International:

They were in the early Commodore 64 years one of the larger Dutch companies and were quit successful in all kinds of hardware extensions for the C64. I remember having the Expert Cartridge of Cat & Korsh, while everyone else was having a Power Cartridge or the Final Cartridge. And just drooling over the ad’s back then…all those interesting addons for the Commodore I could not afford back then!

Looking for the Eprom eraser, 1MB epromboard, 32k/64k Eprom programmer, sound digitizer, light pen, digital drum system, Magic Formel cartridge, video digitizer, Diskmate II, i/o switch unit, Smart cart 8kb/32kb


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