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Just ordered some vacuum bags, 6 UV lights (40 watt each) and a ozone generator. I do have 5 litres of 13% peroxide ready, and a Sous-Vide. What I am looking for is a reasonable fast method combining heat, UV light and Peroxide without using cream. I think fully submerging the yellowed casings should mean a better controlled result than the cream method. If the cream dries out, you will see the result or marbling. Since I do have some nice stuff to retrobright, I am looking for a more guaranteed method!

So..what we need to know is the effectiveness of the heathing, duration and use of ozone or peroxide. And in what ratio we can or need to mix the peroxide just with water. If i do my reading on using Ozone it is still nog clear what is additionally needed to start the deyellowing proces.

For now it’s waiting on the orders..and deciding how I can submerge full casings in the sous-vide, ensuring that the plastic is not directly touching the heated bottom! In the end I want a solution where I can at least fully retrobrigh a C64 (upper/lower casing and keys).

Fixed parameters for testing: 4 hrs max (or earlier of the proces goes to fast), a full C64 keyset divided in 5 (one of reference). Temperatuur sous-vide 60 degrees max. Measured by thermometer touching the bottom place (and noting temperature half way the water and on the surface). UV light for 4 hrs, 4x40watt

Testcase 1:

  • 10 minuts of injecting Ozone in the water of the sous-vide after reaching the 60 degrees. Repeated every hour. Keys fully submerged

Testcase 2:

  • Keys in vacuum bag with Ozone, repeated very hour. Surface floating sous vide

Testcase 3:

  • Keys in vacuum bag, sprayed wet with water, bag filled with in ozone, repeated every hour (spraying and ozone). Floating on the surface.

Testcase 4:

  • Bag with half water/half 13% perioxide. Floating on the surface of the sous-vide.

I think I can do all four experiments at once. Just wondering if I should do the testing with and without the periodically redoing the ozone. Or maybe add two other tests.


I do think the sous-vide is too small for submerging a full Commodore 64. I even consider buying an aquarium 🙂 I do wonder…if I user 50% perodide 13% and 50% water…How long kan I used that? Does it weaken the effectiviness and how fast? Or can i leave it in the acquarium for weeks (or will it destroy the aquarium itself 🙂 )

I do hope there is a method with heath, UV and ozone only which is effective. Would be great if we won’t have to use peroxide anymore

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