Oktober update II


Some minor stuff added to the familly this month.

  1. English Final Cartridge Manual (thanks Joost, 010) and a dutch Speeddos Plus manual.

2. Nice Sony 8″ PVM-9040ME

Was looking for a smaller monitor to work with, or to take with me if I want to test things before buying them.

3. C64c x2

The first one is retrobrighted…it’s the one with a non standard C64c keyboard and it was missing in my collection. Both C’s are without box. The retrobright didn’t went well…and it has some marbling on the keys. On second thought I should have left it at seller. Will find another one I am sure.  Breadbox64 did an article on this one.

The second is one of the last C64c’s. No screws, only clips. In good condition.



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