November 2018 some small stuff


The game, commodore 64, eproms, two final cartridges (I/II), diskdrive with speedloader, eprom burner, two eprom carts, eprom eraser: 135 euro. The final cartridge III with manual..20 euro. The KCS cart and the magazins: 35.

A few final cartridges…early FC I with paper label instead of the usual silver stickers. Another FC2 which is not a 2..might be a repair casing or a homebrew illegal copy of the FC. And a FC III, with the green manual. Not quit sure how these were sold, are these just simple early FC III’s before the boxed them? Or were the usual manuals out of stock? If anyone knows how these were sold…let me know!

Some homebrew stuff….. KCS Speedsaver 64…but a home made cartridge..with manual. Pricing back then was 75 guilders. And two home made reset buttons for the diskdrive port.

Custom made eprom eraser (sort of homebrew)…a lot of empty and burned eproms, two eprom carts (Dela 512, Rex 9513 256k), eprom burner (Dela Eprommer II), Commodore64 with Speeddos and  Speeddos 1541 drive.

The Dela 512 cartridge has an extra cable, connected to this C64 and the switch to activate the cartridge is built in the casing of the 64.




Some Input 64 disk magazines…first picture is with disks…second is magazine only.




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