Demotivators for collecting

Sometimes you run into amazing pages of other collectors,  probably collection for over 20 years or more. Or you just run into reference pages about specific parts of the Commodore 65, like the disk drives. Today my read of the day was a dreadfully layout website “the secret weapons of commodore”, but it was a fun read on all kinds of Commodore related hardware.

I was reading about the 1543, 1571-II, 1572, 1582, 1590, 1592..argh and just thinking, what, where came these drives from, never heard of them. Hey, it seems that a 1581 is a holy grail for a lot of starting collectors, so let’s not talk about a double 1581 drive??

Not funny, realizing that you started a never ending project. Glad that some of them actually never made it to the market, so they are already placed out-of-collecting-scope 🙂



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