Silver board repair (KU-14194HB) Part 2 – I screwed up. Did I?

After not been handling any de/soldering stations for over 20 year…why the hell did you think you can do nice and good repair immediately :). So i got my spare practice 64c board, which I am trying to desolder IC’s…with no professional results yet lol. Seems that there are different methods you can try….and found out that at least your must have a good eye sight. Which i’m not quit gifted with. Second, my current soldering station is insufficient..40w.



Anyway… opened the RF shield of the VIC housing yesterday. To find out that both capacitors had been leaking, and found a third one, C34, which was leaking as well. Cut them loose, cleaned the board with isopropanol and started with continuity testing the traces beneath the capacitors. All ok.

Since there are a lot more capacitors, tightly soldered against the board, there is no way to find out visually if they are leaking. Decided to replace them all. Tried to desolder the pins of the three caps I removed, still in the board…its not that easy as on all those YouTube video’s…haven’t successfully passed my desolder exam I guess. Gave up for now.

What more of a problem is, and it might be my own gentle fuckup, is a broken trace I found beneath the board, if you look carefully just above the shadow line in the middle.

That made me grumpy last night. To have my KU board, and well, replacing capacitors isn’t the issue, but a board with a trace to fix? And i probably did it myself in not carefully handling the board the last few days. On a second thought, if you look at the photo it looks like if someone on purpose interrupted that trace, it doesn’t look like accidental damage?

Well…did some continuity tests, and it seems that this trace won’t be flowing any juice anymore….

More repair work to do. For now I am going to get more capacitors….and  more practicing on my repair board.





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