Sometimes you are not that lucky.

Februari 2019

Will post later this weekend my new items of januari. All kinds of stuff, smaller and mostly just nice to have.

Anyway…a set of two breadbin’s, a monitor, printer, some joysticks and software and a hardware speedloader was offered on Marktplaats. The photo was not showing the monitor, and I was primarily interested in the hardware speedloader. Bidding went up to 130 euro..quit a lot, but I won and drove up to amsterdam to pick it up.

Long time since I got a set this dirty, but then again, if it is only dirt…Need to do some serious cleaning. On my trip to Amsterdam I was just thinking, what if the I get there and the monitor was a 1701. That would be nice 🙂

The monitor was a nice looking 1084s, compleet. The two breadbin’s where both failing, the assy was the 425 (meaning everything is soldered except vic/sid). While troubleshooting I misplaced a working PLA with the SID, ending up with a broken PLA.

The speedloader was a Mikrotronic Floppy Flash, some loose wires of the ribbon, we can fixed that. We also need a 1541 kernal, because it was not included (there was a 1541 diskdrive, but not the one used for the speedloader). And a need a socket for the 6522 to connect the ribbon to the 1541 drive.

Then I remembered that i did have some boxed speedloaders somewhere in my collection….I did a check up to find myself a brand new, complete Floppy Flash boxed. One of those days….there was no point in spending the time and the money 🙂

Will sell of the broken C64’s, the 1541, fix the floppy flash and sell it, and sell the other 1084s monitor I have and will keep this one in my collection. Keeping a joystick and some of the software (some original software disks, but no manuals etc).

So…end result. Five hours spend, 130 euro. A waste of time and money.

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