Lucky, nice set with hard to find extra’s

Februari 2019

I was lucky a few days ago: a full boxed set was offered with to extra boxes with books and hardware goodies. Contacted Harry Jan from Boxmeer after offering 60 euro, and to my surprise he agreed on the price. Well, ok! Drove up to Boxmeer to pick up the lot, including a lot of boxes with software.

Besides the boxed 1352 mouse, boxed 1541-II drive and boxed 64c, which are all in working order (and will definetly make up for the 60 euro’s spend) the following was included:

  • Turbo-corder, one of the many low priced datarecorders on the German market.
  • Magic Disk 64, German disk magazin, about 15, quit a lot not opened at all.
  • LCN Logo cartridge and manual, Dutch Logo User Group from Nijmegen (you can find some info on LCN in Commodore Info Year 3 Number 2, 1986).
  • Geo-ram, boxed and complete with manuals from Rex. It’s clone/copy of the Berkeley Softworks, released by Rex Datentechnik (nr. 1674).
  • Rushware Numeric Keypad for the C64.
  • Conrad Relais Karte for the Commodore 64, Rex Datentechnik Userport Protector (9622) and Printer Screen Module (9823) and eh…an userport extender?
  • Final Cartridge 3 with manual, the German manual, so I will keep this one. Trying to get all the international manuals 🙂
  • Turbo Computer Lightpen, Userport resetschalter, Disk Notcher, joystick, joystick cable extender, Disk Drive Head Cleaning set, Conrad DCF-77 receiver.
  • Batteries Included Printer Interface, boxed with manuals.
  • Simon’s Basic, with a Conrad manual. Seems that Conrad Electronics sold them in Germany.

And a lot….a lot of floppy’s with software…

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