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Stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else

Demotivators for collecting

Sometimes you run into amazing pages of other collectors,  probably collection for over 20 years or more. Or you just run into reference pages about specific parts of the Commodore 65, like the disk drives. Today my read of the … Continue reading

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Lost auctions or over payed auctions

Probably every collector will remember the  buying disasters. Paying up simply too much, or getting something for a working price which does not pass the powering up test 🙂 Or just not getting something because the offer wasn’t right. Well … Continue reading

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Assembly64 – keeping your SD2IEC up2date

One of the first things i bought for my Commodore this year was a SD2IEC and the Epyx Fastload Reloaded cartridge. Use if for the occasional game playing and to bypass the awful loading times with traditional tape and disk. … Continue reading

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Selling a C64c boxed & warranty

December 2017 I often buy complete sets just to get one or two things to keep. Probably to only way nowadays to extend a collection. And all those sets which i need to sell pile up in my study…until enough … Continue reading

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Guess i was thirteen I think and totally fascinated with the upcoming microcomputer market. Almost every boy on the “HAVO” (school of higher general secondary education), had one already, mostly a C64. But not me. They were quit expensive, and … Continue reading

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About, and when it all started..

Frank, good whiskey year of ’71, Netherlands. Working in IT field. It all started back in ’86/’87 with my own Commodore 64. Sold it probably in ’90…and then we’ll hop over to the summer of 2017, clearing some boxes at … Continue reading

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