Commodore SX64 added to the collection

November 2017

I got myself a SX 🙂

Yep. Should be part of any C64 collection, not rare, but at times quit expensive. Pricing on eBay starts for a working one at 400-500 euro, so not quit sure what reasonable pricing is, but i got mine for 250 euro.

Early Sunday morning the ad appeared on Marktplaats. Informed Dion and shortly discussed what i should offer. Discussed 350, 200, and everything in between. Decided to send an e-mail offering 250, and proposed a direct pickup. Called the seller and my offer was accepted, while the first public of 200 euro of somebody else came in. Gladly it was accepted! Within 10 minutes I was in my car to Bunnik. Arrived at a totall emptied house, the previous owner passed away and his brother and his daughter were selling the last things. His SX-64. A bit awkward to arrive there and buying the SX-64 in that situation 🙁

The SX booted correctly, and without any further testing i took it home. Manual and disk not included. The SX-64 accessory bag was there, and a power cartridge.

Booting it at home, to find out there are issues with some of the keys. That needed repairs!


UPDATE 26/12/2017.

Yesterday a SX appeared on auction website Marktplaats. Current highest bid is 275. Seems that i paid a fair price for the Dutch market. Ebay is a price doubling, same as for Amibay.


UPDATE 27/12/2017.

The other SX is at least sold for 300 euro.



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