Got me one…The Final Cartridge II !!

14-10-2018 ; Update  ; seems that the original final cartridge I manual is using both “the final cartridge” as well as “the final cartridge II” in its manual. So….nop, this one was not a FC II. Still on a quest to find me one!

The speedloader isn’t working as well, the drive keeps spinning, if I remove the speedloader and kernel from the 1541 and put  an original kernel, VIA en MOS6502  in, the drive runs fine. Something is wrong with one of the PCB’s or other components. Hard time troubleshooting this one.


With a non working commodore (black screen) and 1541 with speedloader. Hopefully the drive is working, so i can use it in my Compucase 64.  I am restoring that one, and the drive it came with has a speedloader but seems not working.

But more important….and I was looking for this one for quit some time……


I do have three manuals which seems to be the same as the one in this picture…checked them, they all refer to the Final Cartridge…not to the Final Cartridge II

Anyway…not like there is much of a difference in functionality between the I and the II..I just needed to have this one as well.

Pick up this friday, paid 50 euro’s and i couldn’t care less 🙂


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