C64 set

27/8/2018, marktplaats, 55 euro,  the C64 will function as donorboard for the Compucase 64d.

The Robtek and Radarsoft caught my eye..will add those to my collection, pick up tomorrow

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5 Responses to C64 set

  1. Juha says:

    Hi Frank,

    Could you add more pics from C64 & box that you are selling, please?

    • Frank says:

      Hi Juha, this set was one I bought on a dutch marketplace….sadly the commodore64 failed to produce correct video output…got a black screen and need to look into that (when I got the time). It’s on the pile “to be repaired…”


      • Juha says:

        Oh dear 🙁
        All the best Frank.

        • Juha says:

          I´m interested from that 40e C64 + box on your “Shop page.”
          Could you send the pics from the box and C64, also i would like to know what would cost shipping to Finland? My email is above.

          • Frank says:

            Hi Juha…it became clear that you were referencing the shopmodule….and I am sorry, I was testing the ecommerce module last April….i did have a boxed 64 back then, but it is sold on the Dutch ebay website overhere…and I forgot to remove all the testing of the ecommerce module.

            I am sorry for the misunderstanding and misconfiguration.

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