Recap collection March


What has been added last month to my collection, an overview! Spend 940 euro, which made this quit an expensive month.


  • Commodore 64c Connoisseur’s Collection, yellowed, complete
  • Commodore 64c Test Pilot Collection, in mint condition, complete
  • Commodore 64G Video SuperGames, the 64G in mint condition, complete
  • Commodore 64 Aldi (german made or late breadbox version), yellowed, sealed, shortboard
  • Commodore 64G brand new, as in..brand new
  • Ultimate II+
  • Commodore 64 mini, ah well
  • Several eprom cards and eprommers
  • Commodore SoundExpander

The missers….

  • Late C64c with clips….had a 250407 assy, not original 🙁
  • C64, to be repaired..probably PLA
  • Wico joystick not working
  • C64, to be repaired (one is missing on the photo, but I ended up this month with two failing C64’s). Both were in the more expensive sets, 175 euro each, one was the Video Supergame, the other with the SoundExpander


  • Probably 100-150 disks with games
  • 1541c drive
  • a lot of tapes with games
  • some original games
  • boxed 1541-II drive, sold, 35 euro.

A brand new Commodore 64G, green led (the 64G that came with the Video Supergame has a red led). From another collector, aging, and slowly selling his collection. He has bought this one brand new, and stored it. I did a short test, casing is clean and with absolutely no scratches, booklets are new, cabling smells new ( you always smell them..nop, I just noticed that).



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2 Responses to Recap collection March

  1. jose says:

    I’d like to see the games associated with the testpilot set if possible. I just acquired one like that but it’s missing the games….And I don’t know if they are singular cassettes or a box -> which I don’t know where to find….

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