Went to Wilco in Maassluis last friday. That’s an one hour trip from work…usually. Maassluis is near Rotterdam, and just that friday one of the tunnels under the river Maas was malfunctioning. The whole region was one big traffic jam, and it took me a whopping 3.5 hrs to get there. Seems that the “fastest” way to get over the issue with the Maas, was getting to the small ferry at Maassluis. Right..that’s what most people thought, resulting in massive traffic jams around Maassluis, nearly every road leading to the small town was stuck, i mean literally, no progression at all.  Wilco was selling his own C64, sold the one from his father and his brother before, this one was the last one to go!

Went there to pick up a C64 set, some tapes, datasette, boxed final cartridge and a Simons’ Basic extension set. The boxed FC made it worth it! Just for 50 euro’s, and the C64 is working.

After that i drove up to Roosendaal, south of Holland, for meeting with Marc. He is one of the regulars on Marktplaats doing repairs. Took my silver KU board with me, he will try to fix the broken trace, leaking capacitors and test the board! Hopefully he can bring it back to live. In return I had a bunch of new capacitors with me (fitting the VIC housing), a REX IC-tester, 3 failing 1541’s and 2 C64C and a C64. The number of items that needed fixing was growing, and I simply don’t have the time at the moment! Last but not least I had the upper part of an old silver C64 with intact labels. He was looking for original  labels for his silver with rainbow labels.  Left my power supply of the Compucase 64d with him for fixing as well, probably a capacitor issue, as a result of which the supply wouldn’t give the C64 more than 4.0v. Hopefully he can fix that one too!

Nice guy, been there for over an hour, chatting about repairs and collecting (and shared some gossip about some of the regulars on Marktplaats). Definitely good in repairs and loved the structured approach, photographing every repair project he takes up!

Was back home at 23:00hr. Pfff…


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