Got myself some rubber bands to tie up the cables, and some spare time to sort out the growing amount of joysticks, mouse and paddles in my collection. Just kept everything i got from auctions. Nothing special I guess, and some Atari stuff as well (GameMate 2). Personally i still use the joystick I had back then, the Suzo Arcade.


Full list:

Command Control Wico Trackball
The Arcade Suzo Joystick
The Arcade Turbo Suzo Joystick
Quickshot II Turbo Quickshot Joystick
Quickshot 7 Quickshot Paddle
Superjoy III SuperJoy Joystick
The Arcade Suzo Joystick
The Arcade Suzo Joystick
Gamemate 2 Joystick
Jetfighter Quickjoy Joystick
Mouse-Cheese Neos Mouseq
Paddle 1312 Commodore Paddle
Competition Pro Joystick
Slik Stik Suncom Joystick
Deluxe digital Joystick Archer Joystick
TechnoPlus Mega Control Stick Joystick
Prof Competition Joystick
Atari 2600 Joystick controller Atari Joystick
Quickjoy III Supercharger Quickjoy Joystick
Quickshot SVI Joystick
Boss Wico Joystick
Cheetah Annihilator Joystick
Mouse 1351 Commodore mouse
Mouse 312065-01 Commodore mouse
C-1342 Commodore Joystick

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