Bought two Commodore sets – bad luck


Last December i bought on a Belgium auction site a C64c, with some games and a FC III…not clear on the pictures was, what I thought, a box from a FC III cartridge. Picked it up in Zoetermeer beginning of January. Bummer, just a damaged cardboard piece of probably the original box. C64c is working and I will be selling that one on Marktplaats again. Kept the games, nothing special but ok,  and will keep both boxed joysticks. Paid in total 82 euro’s for this one. Too much.


That same day I pickup the following in Cappelle aan den Ijssel. Not quit sure if everything was working, so i decided to go up there with a monitor and a test cartridge. Paid in the end 75 euro instead of 85, sound was not working of the breadbox. Wanted the cartridges and joysticks, will sell the rest again on Marktplaats. Nice guy, had a computer repair shop inside the local “kringloop winkel”, second hand shop. Met his supplier there, dealing in refurbished hardware and recycling of hardware. Quit some business, in dealing with large quantities of end-of-life hardware (storage, servers etc).



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