Missed buy: Final cartridge II and III boxed


Finally a Final Cartridge III boxed came on Marktplaats for auction, it’s like a ghost. It seems that plenty of FC III are available, but none of them came up for sale as a mint & boxed. There are absolutely no pictures to find on the internet, and I tried some facebook groups to find pictures with no luck. Bidding was between me and some lucky other collector..when pricing went up to 60 euro…i bailed out…Still not sure if i should have pushed the price up. You never know when another one will be available.

Second was a auction for a C128….with a FC II boxed! Never came across one in the last 6 months. Current bidding is at 200, and although i can sell the 128d immediately to another collector, I am not quit sure about pushing this one over the 200 🙁

Meaning i will not have the FCIII and FCII Boxed…for now 😉



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