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Back when I got my Commodore 64 at the age of fourteen one of the major computer shops in the Netherlands was Cat & Korsh. Most people are familiar with Cat & Korsh since they made the Expert Cartridge. Most of the Commodore stuff they offered was rebranded, items from well known brands in Germany like Rex was sold here in a nice Cat & Korsh box. If you wanted additional Commodore hardware Cat & Korsh was one of the shops to go to!

At that age, without any money to spend on serious hardware for my Commodore, all what was left was the drooling at the advertisements in the Dutch magazines 😉

Most items are not hard to find…except if rebranded and repackage by Cat & Korsh. And 40 years later I am still trying to collect them all. Last year I did managed to add some new finds to my collection:

  • Speeddos plus C64
  • Speeddos plus C128
  • Expert cartridge (seems that C&K had 4 different boxes for the standard Expert & ESM version)
  • Cartridgeport Expander
  • Tape/disk turbo
  • 256k Eprom board
  • 40/80 display
  • Cartridge port expander (Dela, sold by C&K, not repackaged)
  • Super Lighpen
  • Userport Expander II
  • Userport Expander I
  • I/O Switch unit
  • Digital Copy box
  • 32k Eprommer
  • Catridgeport expander (repackaged, C&K box)

Still looking for quit some items from them. I do have some doubles, open for trades against other C&K items, and willing to make an offer if you have some of the missing items.


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One Response to Cat & Korsh

  1. Andre van de Werken says:

    Wow Frank,

    What an impressive collection you have of the products i used to package and ship in those day’s when I worked at Cat & Korsh International. Brings up good memories. I think i still have a Expert Cartridge hanging around but unfortunately without the package.

    Kind regards
    André van de Werken

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