Lightgun games

Thanks to the website of Jan Derogee

Need some updating, still looking for the stack lightrifle.

Name Platform Year In collection
Army Days C64   No
Baby Blues C64   No
Big Game Safari C64   No
Blaze Out C64   No
Cosmic Commando C64   No
Cosmic Storm C64   No
Crowshoot C64   No
Escape From Alcatraz C64   No
Gangster C64   No
Ghost Town C64   No
Glorious Twelth (Glorious12th/Grouse Shoot) C64   No
Goosebusters C64   No
Gunslinger C64   No
High Noon Shootout C64   No
Hit The Buttons C64   No
Hit The Buttons C64   No
Indian Attack C64   No
Lightgun Archery C64   No
Make My Day C64   No
Mike Gunner C64   No
Operation Thunderbolt C64   No
Operation Wolf C64   No
Rats And Cats C64   No
Shootin’ Putin C64   No
Shooting Gallery C64   No
Smack A Mole C64   No
Starbase Defence C64   No
Target Plus C64   No
Time Traveller C64   No
Vengeance Of Zeno C64   No

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