Romik games

Yep, another collection. Hard to find a complete list of Romik game for the Commodore platform. Left out the Spectrum and BBC games.


Name Platform Year In collection
Aliard’s Tome C64 1983 No
Animal Magic C64 1983 No
Anter-Planter C64 1984 No
Atom Smasher VIC20 1983 No
Blaze C16 1985 No
Block Buster VIC20   No
Dicky’s Diamonds C64 1983 Yes
Fool’s Gold C64 1983 Yes
Galaxia VIC20 1983 No
Knightmare C64   No
Martian Raider VIC20 1982 No
Mind Twister VIC20 1982 No
Moons of Jupiter VIC20 1982 No
Multisound Synthesizer VIC20   No
Pottit C64 1983 Yes
Quadrant VIC20 1983 No
Sea Invasion VIC20 1982 No
Shark Attack VIC20   No
Shark Trap  VIC20 1982 No
Space Attack VIC20   No
Space Escort VIC20 1983 No
Space Fortress VIC20 1983 No
Stellar Triumph C64 1983 No
Titan’s C64 1984 No
Tombs of Xeiops C64 1983 No
Turtle Jump C64 1984 No
Weetabix versus the Titchies C64   No
Zappy Zooks C64 1983 Yes
Zorgon’s Kingdom VIC20   No

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