Goliath 1 MByte Eprom Card (REX 9600/9601)

25/08/2018, marktplaats, 15 euro, postage not included. REX 9600 1Mbyte Eprom card.

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Monitor frenzy

Got myself a 1701 with a 1702 casing for 15 euro. Good working condition.  For 30 euro’s a 1702 with latch and a 1084.  So now i need to get myself a 1701 casing…and will sell off two of my 1702 without the hatch.

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Amiga CD32

Ok, not quit Commodore 64 related. I was on my list just for a try-out. Since it’s holiday overhere it is sometimes easier to get things for a fair price. Got mine for 200 euro. Seller from Enschede, Julian, video dj….visuals with the amiga. Nice guy!

Order the TF328 in the UK including a CF card with 8GB of games, got the TF328 from the Amibay forum…110 euro CF card included and postages to the Netherlands.

CD32 TF328_plus IDE cable and CF adapter_With Riser

This is a complete set of the CD32 TF328 ,designed by Stephen Leary ,aka Terrible Fire .

The TF328 has 8mb of fast ram and an IDE port,I will also supply an IDE cable and CF adapter, and also the riser( designed by Kipper2k) which has RGB and PS/2 keyboard port.

All boards, the Riser and TF328 have protection against shorts by way of a cover for Riser and standoff pads and strips covering the power pins on the underside of the TF328


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Commodore Night Moves / Mindbenders box


Experiment, bought in the UK en in storage with familly in Southampton. Since these special boxes were very succesfully sold in the UK it’s easier to get them there. Probably drive up there when i get to 5 or 10 of these.

Seems complete, and the C64 itself is in a nice condition.

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Lukhash Essentials Cart


I was looking for this cart for some time, seems hard to get. It was just offered on Markplaats and paid the same amount as the previous owner paid for it, 50 euro’s. Which is quit a lot for, in the end, a cartridge with some “not so legal” software on it.  These guys made this cartridge in the past, it was sold a few years back for 40 euro in limited amounts. And hard to get your hands on, even the cart dump is not freely available.

Toy time in a few days. And will dump the content and put it on here.


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Commodore 64 Computer Compendium


Just bought on marktplaats, from 1984/1985. Looks like a complete set, missing the foam and some duct tape on the box. Got if for 60 euro, pick up tomorrow. Nice. Hopefully the C64 is in working condition. After 34 year it is hard to get the complete set in mint condition and work all the cardboard and foam. So for now perfect addition to the collection.

And not another printer…stil have four of five printers here, looking for a new home…what a burden…just do not want to throw them away with the garbage…MPS 801….



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SD-1541 II


Order from Zoltán Kollár on Facebook. Expect the arrival in a few days. Nice, full emulation of the original 1541 diskdrive. Including postage the device costs 80 euro.

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Koala pad & Music Expansion System II


Got some extra’s, new joystick, disk notcher and lightpen. And some auto-fire addon for the joystick port. Koala pad and Music Expansion System complete and working. Box of the MES not in a good shape, but nice to have! Paid 20 euro total for the Stack Lightpen and the Sigma Joystick 328.

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Koala pad & Music Expansion System


Pick up tomorrow in Rijen. Paid 50 euro’s, which is quit nice. The Koala pad was sold in the last 6 months for 75, but in mint condition. The Expansion set as well. Not perfect condition both, but seems complete!

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Mystery Box II


Drove up to Geleen today, that’s almost a two hour drive..Commodore madness. Anyway, seller used to have a lot of Commodore stuff..sold most of it last year, including a silver. Buyer offered 50 euro for that one, just to message the seller the day after that it was probably worth 700 euro. Such nice collectors around here.  The three boxes were the last he had (except amiga stuff, msx stuff and other retro he will be selling or is for the keeping).

Unpacked at home. Need to do some testing on the C64, C64c, 1541 drive and the yellowed 1541-II. Sticky and yellowed…mmm, need some cleaning as well.

For the keep for sure 🙂

Sorry W.A.Kuijpers…all your disks belong to us..

Some other interesting stuff (in a way that it’s added to the collection):

The Logo box, Makro assembler and Simon’s basic are german versions.

There is a vicmodem included..tried to find some information on the net, but even cannot find out if it is C64 related.

The other stuff, testing and will be sold. I just keep it in the garage now…my study is overloaded with C64 related items for repair of selling. Mostly the basic items.


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