Epyx Fastload & Cabletronic SVN 273 & VCF 280

Some great (hard to find) additions. First of a boxed Epyx Fastload in decent condition, the original one. Second, from italy, a long sought after Final Cartridge clone from Cabletronik (VCF 280), with manual. Same seller sold me a SVN 273 with manual as well,  an Action Replay clone. 

And just a gamble, last one was an ebay auction from spain. I was expecting an Final Cartridge clone from the eighties, but seems a modern replica. He is still selling these on ebay.


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C-Lab Supertrack-rom

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Silver – KU14194HB – WGC28863

Another silver label. Finally got all “three” silvers complete. The early 250407, ku and the 326298 board. The Commodore registry shows that those three assy’s with a silver label exist. Untill today it’s not perfectly clear if the silver label was only produced with the buggy 326298 board, and that all other silvers with 250407 and ku boards are simply RMA replacements of faulty 326 boards. Might be a case of Commodore Europe just producing silver labels and finishing stock of labels,  producing them even on the early 250407 boards. Later on they started producing rainbow labels and switched silver labels for rainbow labels if a Commodore 64 was send in for repairs. Anyway mission completed.

Now, if we look closely at the Commodore registry at the silver wgc boards, than most serial numbers in this range are early 250407 boards. Between serial number 20.000-30.000 in all three production lines,  in the WGA and C lines, only one per line is registered. In the WGB the numbers are quit higher of registered units: 10. 

If we look at the rainbow labels of these three production lines, within given serial number range, 3 KU are registered in WGA, 1 in WGB and 1 in WGC.

In the end we cannot conclude or exclude anything, is this an original?. Who knows. Is this a very very late KU board, while most units produced were already in the early 250407 assy’s? Or did just someone replaced boards…

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BMS C-644 (BMS C-648)

Documentation here (kopie from forum64). Had it for quit some time in the collection, not quit sure what is was until I stumbled on the C-648 on forum64. Seems that you can have up to 5 complete C64 systems with this board, including a ram floppy.

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Final II and Final III (Polish clones)

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Overview hardware speedloaders

Since i don’t keep an actual inventory of my collection I tend to use my blog to see what I have. To prevent spending too much on duplicates)

  • Professional dos (Mikrotronik) (userport)
  • Professional dos (Mikrotronik) (cartridge)
  • Phantom dos (Trilogic)
  • Megalodos 
  • Pro Speed 128 (Lamm)
  • Speed-dos (+)
  • Dophin Dos
  • Formel 64 (Grewe Computertechnik)
  • Floppy Flash (Mikrotronik)
  • Prologic Dos (cartridge)
  • Turbo Access (Rossmeuller)

Still looking for a complete Turbo-Trans from Rossmeuller

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Datel Com-drum & Sound Sampler 64 Tron Digidrum Siel Midi Computer interface etc

Some time ago i got my hands on set of midi hardware for 35 euro, including a Sound Sampler, as sold by Kat & Korsh overhere (with Dutch manual), a Siel Midi Computer Interface and the Tron Digidrum. Lucky find, included are some self build Midi interfaces as well from 1991 and some PCB’s, copied manuals & disks.

The boxed Datel Sound Sampler i got from Facebook with some other stuff, posted earlier.


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Misc books & hardware.

The top cartridge..haven’t got a clue where it came from. Tested, but standard C64 startup screen. Will figure it out later.

Two eprommers I got from Bram Brooddoos. The Dela 3 and one probably from a 64’er design. Not quit sure if Frank Hofmann did the design or build this one. Need to find the software for it.

Some books and manuals, bought a german manual for the final chesscard and a few weeks later found a dutch manual.  The software protection manual is a nice addition, last 7 years came across just one…this one.

Shareware plus : Datel Midi Interface and the Mini x-pander

And some ESD protectors to solder to the joystick connector. And three Shuriken modulators for the C64. Might use these in the new 250407 boards. Need to adjust them for working als Pal instead of NTSC.


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Commodore 1350 Mouse boxed

Tested and working. Seems too be new, although the cardboard inside starts to discolour.

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Superkernal 36 in 1 with WIFI

Had it operational within no time. Protovision sells these at the moment. Bought mine on Kleinanzeichen. Configured a ftp server on a NAS, updated the software and wifi and ftp acces was running in no time. Took some googling to find out how to deal with whitespaces in your Wifi SSID. I use this for testing hardware speedloaders etc. More info on forum64.de

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