Amiga CD32

Ok, not quit Commodore 64 related. I was on my list just for a try-out. Since it’s holiday overhere it is sometimes easier to get things for a fair price. Got mine for 200 euro. Seller from Enschede, Julian, video dj….visuals with the amiga. Nice guy!

Order the TF328 in the UK including a CF card with 8GB of games, got the TF328 from the Amibay forum…110 euro CF card included and postages to the Netherlands.

CD32 TF328_plus IDE cable and CF adapter_With Riser

This is a complete set of the CD32 TF328 ,designed by Stephen Leary ,aka Terrible Fire .

The TF328 has 8mb of fast ram and an IDE port,I will also supply an IDE cable and CF adapter, and also the riser( designed by Kipper2k) which has RGB and PS/2 keyboard port.

All boards, the Riser and TF328 have protection against shorts by way of a cover for Riser and standoff pads and strips covering the power pins on the underside of the TF328


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