The Final Cartridge Collection / Riska b.v.


A nice overview of the Final Cartridge collection I managed to collect. Latest additions where a FC II with manual in good condition, and a complete boxed FC and FC III.

Both first final cartridges (silver label) are different, due to the fact that one has 80kb memory, and the other one 96kb. Story goes that back in those days, with the first release of the cartridge the buyer could ask for extra features?

The other cartridges on the left have all different “brands”, Riska H&P, H&P Comp and Tasc b.v. (hey do not call me nerdy).


So, what is still missing in the collection? As far as I did my research on the internet there were quit some illegal releases abroad of the FC. Wouldn’t mind adding them to the collection! And there was the FC III+ released in 2015, still to be added to the collection

Some more reading at ReplayResources!

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One Response to The Final Cartridge Collection / Riska b.v.

  1. OE says:

    The story continues… The Final Cartridge III+ / TFC III+

    Final Replay; loosely based on The Final Cartridge III
    (can be flashed on the “Nordic Replay”)

    It seems that The Final Cartridge series will live on!

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