Breadbin and 1702 monitor


This one came on Marktplaats this evening. Bjorn is selling his set which has been for years on the attic. He is living in Thorn, border Holland and Belgium, and nearby Maarheeze. That’s just a 20 minute drive, and  since i had to pick up the C128 and boxed final cartridge there, i just asked Bjorn what figure he was thinking of: 90 Euros. Done deal,  and pick it up tomorrow!. Will keep that KCS cartridge and manual for sure, and the 1702 monitor. Then I will probably sell my other 1702 monitor, since it is missing the latch. Hopefully everything is in working order…you never know.

I was only wondering why this set is without games, will ask the owner tomorrow.

For work I need to be in Hilversum tomorrow and it will be a stormy day, code red, hopefully traffic won’t be such a bitch that i cannot make it in Maarheeze in time. Will make quit some mileage again tomorrow. Hell, make effective use of your lease car.





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