Pickup Magic Voice Speech Module & Gamemate2


Drove to Amsterdam…took me twice the time as normal in dreadful weather. Oh joy. Went to Sloterdijk trainstation to meet Frank, he is selling his collection as he was moving to a new place..time to get rid of little anymore Commodore stuff. He broke his collection in different items, got myself the Speech Module for 40 euro’s, he never used it. Not quit a mint box, but very nice addition. Second, for 11 euro, the wireless joysticks of the Game Mate 2. And again, without the powersupply. Got two GameMates now…and two missing power units 😉

Since seller and buyer had the same name on Marktplaats, people were bailing out as soon as I started my bidding. Guess they thought that the owner was driving the price up. Sounds like a good buying strategy next time 😉

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