Siel Sound Buggy


In January a complete Siel Sound Buggy was on auction. Prices went up to 85 euro….the same buyer was interested which go the boxed final cartridge III. I quickly bailed out on this one.

Saw some reviews on internet about the Siel Sound Buggy, and for the sound and capabilities you would skip this one ;). But boxed and complete, would be a nice addition to the collection.

More info on the Siel Sound Buggy


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4 Responses to Siel Sound Buggy

  1. Alberto says:

    I just bought a boxed one as well, almost never used by the owner and still with it’s serialized warranty card ! How long was I looking for it… !

    • Alberto Teodoro says:

      Hi Alberto,
      ciao Alberto.
      Mi chiamo anche io Alberto e sono un appassionato di C64 😄.
      Vorrei chiederti una cortesia.
      Io ho una Sound Buggy ma non ho le istruzioni: se vuoi e se puoi ci possiamo mettere in contatto?
      Tu hai anche il software su floppy?
      Grazie e buona giornata.

      • paul says:

        hi, did you ever get the instructions manual ?
        if so can you send a copy to me please .
        i.e. a pdf file would be nice. i’ll include that along with a copy of the disk on so everyone who is interested can experiment with this software.
        thanx in advance. Paul. (c64.4ever at

        • Frank says:

          Missed out on that auction, so still looking for one. They are rarely offered in the Netherlands. So we need some patience, especially in finding one with a manual!

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