Update – slowly getting back

Previous posting has been April last year, and for  a lot of personal reasons I haven’t been able to spend much time on collecting and maintaining my blog. First of all the municipality I live in decided in all their wisdom that the neighborhood here needed redevelopment. They decided that over 150 appartements/houses, private properties and almost 500 people living here, needed to be demolished. Resulting in al long battle, legal and otherwise, against the plans which we partly won. So my home and cave are in the clear, but still legal battles continue, probably into next year, to ensure all our neighbors can keep their houses as well.

On top of that in that year my father passed away, after a long period of intensively taking care of him. A pretty hard and difficult time, and in combination with a very demanding and busy job ending up at home for a few months to get my feet back on the ground. 

And well…all things come at once. Last April ending up with breaking a leg, stuck to bed for over almost three months. Didn’t had the possibility to even go into the cave during that period.

Well, first posting since. Collecting was slow last year, but I will start to catch up on collecting. Quit some boxes downstairs with books, hardware and software of the last one and a half year that needs to be posted on the blog 🙂 

Glad to be back




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