Misc books & hardware.

The top cartridge..haven’t got a clue where it came from. Tested, but standard C64 startup screen. Will figure it out later.

Two eprommers I got from Bram Brooddoos. The Dela 3 and one probably from a 64’er design. Not quit sure if Frank Hofmann did the design or build this one. Need to find the software for it.

Some books and manuals, bought a german manual for the final chesscard and a few weeks later found a dutch manual.  The software protection manual is a nice addition, last 7 years came across just one…this one.

Shareware plus : Datel Midi Interface and the Mini x-pander

And some ESD protectors to solder to the joystick connector. And three Shuriken modulators for the C64. Might use these in the new 250407 boards. Need to adjust them for working als Pal instead of NTSC.


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