Last commodore of 2020

Offered as not working. Pick up for 40 euro to find out the powerunit had a broken fuse. Unit fully working.

  • Late uk c64 with additional software in roms and speeddos
  • 1541 drive, japanese version (box is different) with speeddos and extra fan
  • Cat & Korsh speeddos manual an disk
  • Floppy box and tape drive
  • Tape to tape copy box with earplug
  • Demagnitizer
  • The expert cartridge and disks
  • Mystery cartridge soft-pack 8kb ram (expert clone???)
  • KCS disk speedloader cartridge
  • Cartridge port expander

I think a great final of a lousy 2020. The c64 set is a keeper, as Cat&Korsh set.

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