The Final Cartridge

The Final Cartridge is, next to the Powercartridge, probably the best known cartridge in the Netherlands. If i recall correctly, i had one of these back then, not quit sure. But in the three months of collecting now, i managed to get some of the different versions of this cartridge.

Seems that in all the FC population it’s quit easy to find the III or the I, but not the II. As far as i am told, the II should be the blue one. Which i have, but not with the sticker on it. As I’ve read the initial version was available as 80K or 96K ram available, i have at least both and not quit sure what other versions are available. As i was told, back then, it was possible to add some features to the cartridge on seller’s request?

The other thing I am looking for was how the FC III was boxed, in the Netherlands and abroad. It is quit impossible to find any photo’s at all, there are from the cartridge and manuals, but not boxed. I asked around on Facebook groups with no success. It seems quit  mysterious exactly how this one was packaged then 🙂 . I might find out soon, since in week 1 of 2018 I’ll be picking up a set in Zoetermeer, bought that one in Belgium and the previous owner will drop it off at family. Thanks Monika and Jean-Pierre. The photos published on the marketplace mentioned a FC III and what it looks like it a small green box hidden behind the rest of the set. I might be lucky, not quit sure.

Anyway, currently in possession:

Within three months of collection i had:

  • three dutch manuals FC III (with some differences in text/pages), left corner
  • cardboard sheet, middle, unclear where it came from
  • two english manuals FC III (with some differences in text/pages), right corner
  • three FC III (yellow, green sticker), on the right, difference in sticker Tasc b.v. and the other one Riska H.P. Computer
  • two FC I, one 80kb ram, the other one 96k
  • manual FC I, in the middle
  • manual FC II/difference with the FC I, included a letter from Riska H.P. Computer (left corner)


Still looking for a boxed FC III and the FC II with sticker, or any bootleg FC 🙂

Did you know: the FC II does not work with the SD2IEC drive, the FC III. This is due to the lack of implemented fastload algorithms in the SD2IEC (well probably the FC I won’t work either then. You can actually execute load and followed by run commands, but after the run simply nothing happens). Thanks to facebook, Stormidis Lordios.



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