Final Cartridge Special S30 (internal)

Sold as Commodore “the special” back in the days by H&P. Found a working, built-in FC 1, documentation included. Boxed with matching serials. As far is I know Richard Lagendijk got one as well, but that one is not in built-in state.

As a collector of Final Cartridges this was one of two important ones missing in the collection, the other one is the FC II which actually mentions “final cartridge 2” in the scroller.

Since the built-in FC is soldered, I’ve asked Richard Lagendijk to take a picture of back side of the print. 

Will post high resolution scans of the manuals later.

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13 Responses to Final Cartridge Special S30 (internal)

  1. Martin Maters says:

    Just got my C64 and with it a Final Cartridge as well.
    It’s a Final Cartridge I, I thinks since it only says Final Cartridge.

    Anyway, I don’t think it has a desktop menu and I’m not sure how the assembler language monitor works.

    Do you have by any chance a manual available for this Final Cartridge?
    Google didn’t find one 🙁

    • Frank says:

      Hi Martin, I got one english manual for the FC 1, but i need to scan it. Will have time next week. Indeed hard to find. And I guess you are looking for the english one?

    • Frank says:

      Check Facebook, the general C64/C128 group, or search for Frank Commodore. Posted the link to a zipfile containing the scan’s there

  2. Frank says:

    Check Facebook, the general C64/C128 group, or search for Frank Commodore. Posted the link to a zipfile containing the scan’s there

  3. mario malta says:

    hi there, very col infos , good work, but does onyone has scheatics or can take hires photos? i want to rebuild it. and can anybody place give me the link or zip file for the scans. thank you so much

  4. Mario Malta says:

    Hello Frank, may i ask you if you can dump the s30 firmware and post the manuals please. Thank you

    • Frank says:

      Hi Mario, the S20 and S30 are the “final cartridge internal (also referenced as the final cartridge+. You can find the dumps on:
      There you can find the zip with the photo’s of the manual

      • Mario Malta says:

        Thank you very much. But i can not find the s30 version.i got the 10 and 20. I try to rebuild the fc internal. I am in contact with richard, and use his schematic to build a pcb. I can give you more infos if you want later when the pcb’s are arrived.

      • Mario Malta says:

        Seems like the manual is for the standard cartridge. I meant the manual for the “special” fc internal. Looks like there is a manual for the internal version

      • Mario Malta says:

        I do not found any s20 or s30 dumps there. I have the dump from richard. And the s20 dump from you. But s20 is not working with the 2764 dump from richard. So i ask you, may you dump your complete s20 and s30 firmware (from both eproms 27128 and 2764) please? Kind regards

  5. egert ritter says:

    hi frank,

    sorry to ask you again, but i must know if you can give me the “the special” manual?
    your mega link downloads an standard FC modul UK manual.

    kind regards

  6. Frank says:

    Hi, currently unable to decent to the cave due to a broken leg. I only managed to get one FC the special with documentation, and that’s all documentation there is. It seems the built in FC is a standard FC1.

    Bram and I, in due time, will try to dump all roms of all three versions but I won’t be soldering out anything in my current collection. It seems there is indeed a V10, V20 and S30 and we’ve got all three of them. Not sure yet if there are differences in both hardware and software, but it is somewhere on the stack of projects to start again (and the pile of projects/restoration/repair is quit high). We might do the schematics of all three if possible.

    • mario malta says:

      Get well soon.

      I meant the FC special manual.
      I recreated the internal FC with the help of Richard Lagedijk.
      I fixed his schematic and ordered some boards.
      Now I have a working V10 in my C64.
      I also have the S20 and S30 ROMs but they don’t work. Also you can’t mix the roms (S20-27128 with V10-2764).
      It looks like the small eprom data (2764) is wrong/corrupt or encrypted. Maybe I need a different board layout for that too.
      It would be cool if you could send me the ROMs after you’ve been able to save them.

      the internal fc is based on fc1 (or vice versa) but it is a bit different, and i like the special manual and need it for my collection.

      i would be very grateful if you could send me the fc special instructions (as you can see in the pictures) and maybe you and your colleague could save the other roms.

      Many thanks and get well soon

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