Expert Cartridge Cat&Korsh and Trilogic

Back in the days I got myself an Expert Cartridge, after a long period of orientating this one was the most promising and packed with all kind of features. I was truly fascinated by everything you could do with it, and probably understood half of it 😉

I got myself the Expert Cartridge from  Cat & Korsh, besides the Final Catridge.

In the end,  guess early nineties, I  sold my whole Commodore collection including the cartridges.  Everything, except  my own program disks and the utility disk of the Expert Cartridge (which renders the cartridge rather unusable for the new owner….sorry about that)


That floppy disk is the one of two things ever survived from my childhood set. The other one was a book, “64 Intern” from Data Becker.








Last November noticed on an Belgium marketplace the Trilogic version of the Expert cartridge.

Obvious the disks are not original, and I am not quit sure if this version shouldn’t have come with a tape or with disk(s). I made an offer of 30 euro and the seller gladly agreed.  I think that any – almost complete – working and boxed cartridge is worth between 15-30 euro’s. Well, that said, next day, somebody offered 50 euro.  But the seller kept his word, a gentleman’s agreement and a week later I received my package. Thanks Rob from Robbie’s Toystore.

Tested both disks with no success…still have to try them in another drive, or otherwise I  will replace them with downloadeed D64 images which I’ll copy to new disks. Would be nice if the original disks were still there…but then again, after 30 years i wonder how many units are still complete and functional!

I am not quit sure if Trilogic licensed the product to Cat&Korsh back then, or just sold the product to them.  At least nice to have both versions, working and with the original packaging.


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