Some software and other small stuff

Februari 2019

  • Finally two boulder dash games for the collection!
  • MSSiah cartridge + Sid2Sid board (new).
  • FPGASID (new).
  • DWK Turbotool 64.6 cartridge with manual.
  • XUM1541 (to connect the C64 drive to laptop/PC)(new).
  • Disk notcher (thanks Michel).
  • Two joysticks, new to the collection.
  • Some cheap and very yellowed tape recorder.
  • Spritemachine and Sprites (Wolters).
  • Two different working versions of the Expert Cartridge Softeware.
  • Two Romik games (just fun to have, if you find one, just read the text on the inlays).
  • Some other original games and software too much work to type it…same as for the joysticks…they will end up in plastic storage boxes at the moment.

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